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30-Oct-2018 12:52

Their marriage, like every other aspect of the singer's life, was not without a significant degree of drama.

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There are a few disturbing passages relating to his childhood trauma.I'm just glad to know that everybody doesn't feel the way that she does." From there, the interview quickly deteriorated into Kelly bizarrely complementing Modarressy-Tehrani by calling her intelligent and beautiful, while simultaneously accusing her of interrogating him and focusing on the negative.It's also worth noting that when he leaves the interview—which he does abruptly in the middle of a question—he states in perfectly odd R.According to Gaga, who is a survivor of sexual assault, that wasn't ever a consideration.

She blamed the video's demise on mismanagement by her team, which was a cop-out pretty much no one believed.Robert "R." Kelly is perhaps the most controversial figure in the music industry.